Thank you for setting up your user account with GFP Enterprises. You have created a user account before completing some required onboarding steps. Therefore, we cannot yet confirm your eligibility for hire. Please read this entire message to determine your next steps.


If you are an experienced firefighter please contact our office as soon as possible at 541-967-8425 and dial ext 103 or 105 to be directed to Mike Denning, Personnel Manager or Michael Fleek our Training Specialist to initiate a telephonic interview. Be ready to discuss your previous experience in detail. Either of them will be able to further assist you in our onboarding process for experienced firefighters. If we do not hear from you in the next 7 business days, we will have to remove you from our database and unregister you from class/orientation. You will then need to start the process over.


All new [entry level] firefighters are required to complete the following online FEMA courses before anything else.  In order for you to be eligible for our Entry Level Training course [S-130/S-190] You must FIRST complete these 2 self-study courses:

Please note that the FEMA IS Program requires a FEMA SID. If you do not have a SID, register for one here. You will need to have an SID to take the final exams.

If you are unable to download and save the certificate to PDF, simply forward the email with the link for each certificate to [email protected].